Specialty Retail programs

Specialty Retail programs

The Unfair Advantage
How your people and a proactive service experience can smoke the competition and substantially grow your business    details

Who Moved My Customer?
How to win and keep more customers and clients in a rapidly changing retail environment  details

Raise the Bar
How to grow your staff and results with EveryDay Coaching and Leadership    details

20-20 Retail
How to increase sales up to 20% in 20 days without spending a dime

20-20 Retail ADS
How to improve your average sale up to 20% in just 20 days

Service That Sells 
Easy to learn and easy to apply sales techniques for non-selling stores    details

Sixth Star Service Selling
Win more customers and maximize more sales opportunities with the Sixth Star approach

A program to reenergize an owner and manager's entrepreneurial leadership spirit, drive, and store results    details

90-Days to VIP Clienteling
How to immediately create more traffic and sales with clienteling

All In the (Business) Family
Surviving and thriving in a family-owned business

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