Great Service Always Begins With Leadership

Great Service Always Begins With Leadership 
How frontline managers impact and elevate a company’s service culture and results

Best audience: Executives, owners, managers

Every day, a location opens for business. Every day, the staff wins or loses their customers, and does or does not maximize their opportunities. The outcome depends less on the training they have received than on the frontline leader at the head of the team.

Delivering customer service is so easy it often becomes surprisingly difficult. Consistency is vital to good service, but routine in service roles also leads to mediocrity. That’s why frontline leadership is the primary driver of service success or failure.

Key learning points: 
* The gap that exists in most businesses between the company’s service culture and goals, and what customers actually experience. 
* Why frontline leaders ultimately determine the level of service and outcomes. 
* Why even the best employees rise to the level of expectation, but slide to the level of acceptance. 
* What companies can do to elevate frontline standards, expectations, and accountability. 
* Ten ways a company can get frontline managers OutFront and leading their teams to service excellence.  
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