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 Here's why audiences love, and meeting planners choose, Doug Fleener

What I speak on –
  • Real world and actionable approaches to elevating the Customer Experience to improve service and increase sales.
  • Teaching executive and managers to lead a better customer experience with EveryDay Coaching and Leadership.
Transforming and Performing Sixth Star Director
What you can expect –
    • An engaging, energetic, enertaining, and credible speaker
    • Fresh, actionable, relevant content.
    • Programs customized to your industry and event.
    • Content and solutions that challenge the audience’s thinking and current approach. 
    • Happy audience members with plenty of notes and takeaways they can apply immediately.
    • I will exceed your expectations. I have to, since that’s what I talk about!  

     Call 844-861-7803 or use the contact form on the right to discuss having Doug work with your company or organization.
    How I work with you –
    • We’ll talk one-on-one to discuss your goals, audience, theme, dates, etc. 
    • I’ll recommend the programs I believe best fit your requirements, or recommend another speaker if I’m not the right person for you. 
    • We will partner on key customization for theme 
    • I will interview key staff and/or audience members to ensure program relevancy. 
    • I can provide pre-meetings video, articles, and interviews to promote event/programs. 
    • I follow-up and submit request and deliverables before they're due.
    • I can provide post-meeting video, articles, and interviews to extend learning and value. 
    •  Hold a post-program debrief with you and other key individuals.

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