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Introducing Sixth Star Service Trainings

Sixth Star Service, designed for the twenty-first century customer and staff, is a unique and proven way for your staff to deliver an actionable and effective customer service experience. One that is unquestionably better than the competition.

Sixth Star Service exceeds customer expectations, leading to higher sales, and more customer loyalty and advocacy. It’s what we call earning a customer’s Sixth Star.

Simply put, Sixth Star Service is one of the most actionable, empowering, and effective service approaches available today.

Three Different Online Trainings

Sixth Star Service: The five-module Sixth Star Service training integrates into all segments of retail and current sales methodology. This program is specific for retailers. A non-retail version will be launching soon.

Sixth Star Service Selling: In this ten-module training, we start with the five Sixth Star Service modules as the foundation, and add proven retail sales techniques that deliver higher sales and a superior service experience.

Beyond the Add-on: This five-module program takes a unique approach to the add-on. Instead of emphasizing selling impulse purchases, Beyond the Add-on teaches your staff simple and effective ways to set up add-ons before the first purchase is even made. It shows the learner how to continue adding-on in a way that delivers superior service and creates significantly more sales.

Hosted online at Sixth Star University

All of our interactive trainings are taken online at Sixth Star University, a world-class learning management system. The programs can be taken on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Each module takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and can be taken all at once or over a 60 day period. This flexibility allows you to work training into your store’s busy schedule.

Every module contains built-in learning exercises to help your staff retain the information presented, including actual scenarios for them to apply what they learn. This training is not just a talking head. It’s a carefully designed learning approach that guides your staff to become Sixth Star experts.

Sixth Star Service simple pricing

All of our online trainings at Sixth Star University offer:

* 24/7 access for 60 days (That’s over 1,400 of available hours for training)

* Up to eight employees included in the base price

* Unique login for each employee

* Admin access to detailed reports on each person’s progress and scoring

* A private discussion group for your staff within Sixth Star University

* No additional charge for additional locations

* No set-up fee except for location reporting fee of $10 per additional location

Experience it for yourself

You can take the first module at Sixth Star University at no charge. You don’t even need to register. Just head over to (new window opens)

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